June 5 – July 28

Ages 3* through 5th grade

Choose your experience: Register for just 1 week or join us for the ENTIRE SUMMER!

Each week of camp is jam-packed with hands-on science activities and experiments, crafts, discovery, and FUN!! Plus, the learning opportunities are rich with an updated, science-based curriculum and qualified teachers.

Throughout the summer (Grades 1-5),  will enjoy one day outdoors at Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center each week.

June 3-7

Mysterious Matter:

What’s the matter?! Solid, liquid, gas, or plasma – become a matter detective as you discover different properties of WACKY elements and how they change under pressure (some of them can’t take the heat).

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June 10-14

Fast and Furious

Figure out how you can become fast and furious as we use force, motion, and energy to our advantage. It’s no competition – you’ll finish first with this camp!

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June 17-21

Exploration Earth

You’ll feel out of this world as an extra-terrestrial being visiting a brand new planet: EARTH! Discover what this blue and green planet is made of and figure out how this weird planet works.

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June 24-28


Mushrooms, monkeys, and moss – see how it’s all connected! An eco-adventure from start to finish, explorers will trek through the wilderness to make connections across the food chain.

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July 1,2,3

Dinos of the Deep

Splash into a camp where we have fun with water AND aquatic dinos. Dive deep into ancient marine life: the dinosaurs that called our oceans home! Sign up for just one day or all three for this week! (Camp not offered July 4-5).

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July 8-12

The Land Before Time

Discover more about creatures that roamed the ancient Earth: DINOSAURS! A camp full of fossils and fun.

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July 15 – 19

Lost in the Solar System

Get ready to sail amongst the stars as we navigate the galaxies! Spend the week with us as we search for aliens, discover new planets, and chart the stars.

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July 22-26

So You Think You Can Spy?

Ready for your next mission? Prove yourself as a secret agent and uncover secret messages, delve into forensics, and uncover science’s BIGGEST secrets.

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Please refer to the Camp Handbook for behavior expectations during camp.

Camp Handbook

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