The spirit of discovery knows no age limits.

Events like meetings, conferences, parties of all sizes take on a touch of exploration at the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center.

At Don Harrington Discovery Center and Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center, we’re committed to making your events extraordinary. Explore the synergy of nature and science, where learning and celebration come together to leave lasting memories. Whether you’re hosting a professional conference or a staff holiday party, our unique venue sites set the stage for unforgettable moments.

Birthday Parties

Imagine hosting your child’s special day in the captivating worlds of science and nature. Whether your young explorer dreams of a dinosaur-themed adventure or a wild nature expedition, our venues offer the perfect backdrop for a birthday party that’s both fun and educational.

With our unique combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, there’s ample room to let imaginations soar. Explore interactive exhibits, engage with live animals, or embark on nature trails through the scenic beauty of Wildcat Bluff. Every corner is an opportunity for adventure and discovery.

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Meeting Spaces

Meetings and gatherings take on a new level of inspiration at Don Harrington Discovery Center and Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center. Our versatile venues, whether within the dynamic museum of Don Harrington Discovery Center or amid the tranquil beauty of Wildcat Bluff, provide the ideal setting for your corporate events, workshops, or team/board meetings.

Choose us for your next meeting, where the synergy of science, nature, and innovation will inspire your team to think creatively and achieve their goals. We offer more than just meeting spaces; we provide an opportunity to explore, learn, and connect in a unique and unforgettable setting.

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Event Rentals

When you are planning your next event, discover the magic at the Don Harrington Discovery Center. Our spacious, hands-on science museum next to the beautiful Medical Center Park offers rental spaces to accommodate up to 1,500 people in a bright atmosphere custom-made for fun and learning.

Weather is never a problem, and your guests will experience a comfortable, unique experience unlike any other in the Texas Panhandle. Our interactive exhibits and shows actively engage people of all ages.

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