Volunteer with Us!

We warmly welcome volunteers of a range of ages who are eager to contribute their time and skills. Additionally, we offer occasional group volunteer opportunities throughout the year to create a sense of community and collaboration.

woman with some kids in a science museum

Who can volunteer?

  • Teens ages 14 and older

  • Adults of any age 18 and older

  • School groups aged 14 and older (6-20 volunteers)

  • Corporate or civic volunteers (usually 6-20 volunteers)

Year Round Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.

Apply to Volunteer Here

For additional information, contact our Volunteer Programs team at  [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hear from a Volunteer

Still in high school and an aspiring science teacher, we owe Cooper’s brother, Dillon, for recommending him to volunteer with us.

Cooper grew up coming to DHDC with his family. Although he never came to Camp Discovery, some of his favorite memories are exploring our exhibits (specifically Face Your Fears) with his older brother, Dillon.

Dillon started working for DHDC in July of 2022. Although Cooper had never done volunteer work before, Dillon recommended he apply to help with DHDC’s Summer Camp Discovery.

During our Friendsgiving Day Camp, we caught up with Cooper, and he told us more about why he likes to help here.

“I think it’s really fun,” Cooper said. “I like working with the kids, and that’s why I’m back here today.”

Cooper has also helped with our Parents’ Night Outs and would like to return in the summer of 2024 to help the older camp groups.

“Anything above 2nd grade is preferred. Pre-K scares me,” he laughed. “Working with them also makes me realize how ornery I was as a kid.”

Cooper says he’d like to become a science teacher when he graduates. Right now, his favorite class is biology, and he loved DHDC’s Make It or Break It camp as it focused on physics concepts.

The Discovery Center Collective has both ongoing and project-based volunteer needs. Visit our Hands-On Amarillo page to learn more about how you can give back to Amarillo!