Create an educational and exciting virtual science experience right in your classroom!

Covering programs from interactive virtual labs to LIVE shows covering an array of STEM topics.

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Virtual Science Labs

DHDC brings you your favorite labs, virtually! We supply the hands-on materials, and all you, as the teacher, have to do is facilitate. DHDC staff will be teaching every lab virtually in real-time. Pricing includes up to 30 student kits per lab with additional kits available.

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woman doing an experiment in front of a camera

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Virtual Science LIVE! Demos

“Edu-tainment” events bursting with hair-raising demonstrations live-streamed into your classrooms and auditoriums in spectacular high definition!

DHDC’s state-of-the-art systems provide LIVE streaming of programs directly into classrooms nationwide! All programs are fully interactive, allowing students and teachers to communicate with DHDC presenters in real time!

What is Virtual Science LIVE?

Funny, engaging, and jam-packed with learning, Science Live! will leave your students cheering for more!

All of our education programs align with both the TEKS (Texas) and the NGSS, and a cross-curricular Correlation Chart is available to view with each program we offer.

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